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Printed Glass

Digitally printed glass has transformed the creative possibilities for designers working with decorative or structural flat glass panels.

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Printed Glass

Specification & Prototyping

Gx Glass offers specification and prototyping services tailored to the glass needs of Architects and Designers.

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Specification & Prototyping
The Gx Design Range

Our Gx Design Range is a set of customisable, mix-and-match products which can be combined with our range of glass processes to give you full creative control when defining custom glass finishes.  The range is designed to be used on single sided (monolithic) and laminated glass products, which in turn are designed for use in today’s contract commercial interiors.

As part of our consultancy service we look at your intended use and design requirements and work through the range of options to narrow down and ascertain the best processes to create your required specification – some examples of which are listed below.

  • Glass – low iron, standard, tinted, mirror, acid etched.
  • Printing  - images, graphics, gradients, manifestations.
  • Painting – gloss, metallic, mirror and sparkle effects.
  • Interlayers  - metal mesh, fabric, films, mirrors, cracked ice and printed.
  • Processing – sandblasting, shaping, toughening, cut outs.
  • Artwork commissioning and development to your brief.

We also work with a number of artisans who can add further elements such as textured glass, gilding and hand decoration if required.

To discuss your glass requirements and project needs, please get in touch on 01233 642 220, or use the link to our contact us form below.

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